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If you are looking for the perfect symbiosis of Swiss gastronomy and Hamburg lifestyle, you will quickly find what you are looking for in the newly opened "Switzerland Ahoy". The alpine restaurant offers delicious roastis, sausage platters and above all: lots of cheese!

The owners Petra and Reto have fulfilled a dream of theirs with the small, cosy restaurant "Schweiz Ahoi" - and with great success! The hamburgers just break down their doors, without a reservation it is hardly possible to get a table. With the quality and selection of the food and drinks this is no surprise! Switzerland Ahoi offers, among other things, the finest fondue with different kinds of Swiss cheese, cold cheese platters and all alcoholic specialities from Reto's mountainous homeland. The best thing is to take a "short trip" to Switzerland yourself and enjoy the rustic and cosy atmosphere.

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Cheese Fondue in Hamburg
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