Hofcafé Schröder In the garden

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A visit to the Hofcafé Schröder is like a visit to good friends. The guests are welcomed with a lot of cordiality in the small garden café.

Sometimes a piece of garden is enough for a cosy courtyard café. That is what the operators of the Schröder Hofcafé in Wilhelmsburg thought. With success. In the middle of a housing estate, Hofcafé Schröder has transformed a green garden area with a red Sweden house into a coffee and cake oasis. The motto of the Hofcafé is: Enjoy and feast. The juicy fruit cakes and creamy tarts are baked fresh and with love every day. Just like with good friends!

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CITY AREA PORTRAIT Wilhelmsburg & Veddel

The Elbe Island of Wilhelmsburg is embedded between the southern and northern Elbe. It impresses visitors with a mixture of industrial charm and bustling life with multicultural flair. With its historic buildings, cafés and shops, the Wilhelmsburg Reiherstieg area is especially popular. It is even called "Little Berlin" due to its transformation in recent years. And then there is the neighbouring island of Veddel, which also has much to offer.

Wilhelmsburg & Veddel

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Something new is always being tried at the FuH without losing the characteristic flavour of the products used.

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Grönigers was first documented around 1260 and is thus the oldest guesthouse in the heart of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

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