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Hanging Out Café

Just hang out

Das Hanging Out Café im Grindelviertel lädt zur bunten Auszeit vom grauen Alltag ein. Fruchtige Smoothies und gemütliche Hängesessel stillen die Sehnsucht nach tropischen Urlaubsparadiesen.

A visit to the Hanging Out Café is like a journey to distant worlds. Exotic delicacies and a sunny atmosphere brighten up the mood even in Hamburg's grey weather.

Just hang out

The armchairs rocking on long ropes in the open space invite you to sit back and relax. Surrounded by light wooden furniture, green plants and a sea of lights made of lamps, the hustle and bustle of everyday life is quickly forgotten.  

Vegetarian and vegan dreams

Growling stomachs are soothed in the Hanging Out Café with bowls and sandwiches. There are also refreshing smoothies and juices. For those with a sweet tooth, there is a changing cake offer. All dishes are vegetarian, on request also vegan. Sustainability is a priority in the preparation of the food and drinks. The processed products are sourced from the region. Furthermore, there is a ban on plastic in the Hanging Out Café.

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  • Type of cuisineVegetarian, Vegan
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