© Hobenköök
© Hobenköök
© Hobenköök
© Hobenköök
© Dahlina-Sophie Kock / Geheimtipp Hamburg
© Dahlina-Sophie Kock / Geheimtipp Hamburg
© Dahlina-Sophie Kock / Geheimtipp Hamburg


North German cuisine in maritime flair

Hobenköök ("harbor kitchen") in the middle of HafenCity promises North German cuisine with a maritime flair. Regional and seasonal foods are prepared into real treats in the restaurant, which is combined with a market hall.

Hobenköök is a colorful bunch of employees who are committed to agriculture fit for grandchildren, who all treat each other with respect and each:r makes his or her contribution to ensuring that the world will be available for us and the next generations for a long time to come.

The basis for this is that Hobenköök has probably the most sustainable value chain in all of Hamburg. Almost all food products are certified organic, regional and seasonal. In the middle of HafenCity, Hobenköök combines these into real treats. You can taste these directly in the restaurant or take them home from the market hall.

Hobenköök acts exclusively in a sustainable and respectful manner, be it with employees, producers or the environment. Therefore, the direct marketing is in the foreground.

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For your visit to the restaurant you will receive a 10€ - voucher for the online store.

Please note that you must provide proof of the benefit redemption in the app, before ordering in the restaurant, for the discount to be applied.

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  • Type of cuisineGerman cuisine
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© Dahlina-Sophie Kock / Geheimtipp Hamburg

Aus der Markthalle auf den Teller Zu Gast in der Hobenköök

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© ThisIsJulia Photography

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HafenCity & Speicherstadt

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