Eiskalte Schnauze

© Eiskalte Schnauze
© Eiskalte Schnauze
© Eiskalte Schnauze

Delicious ice cream with a touch of the Orient

Mango and vanilla or almond and pistachio, but with cream, please: The ice cream café "Eiskalte Schnauze" serves particularly delicious ice cream. The café can be found twice in Hamburg, once in Rissen at Wedeler Landstraße 34 and another in Osdorf, Rugenbarg 10. The ice cream is made by Fadi Friek in his glass ice cream factory in the café. "According to the motto 'simply from the best,' the ice cream is made from fresh milk from regional dairy farms and with natural flavors." The caramel of the 'Dolce Latte' variety is home-cooked. And when the weather is nice, it is produced daily, also for vegan guests. There are seasonally changing ice cream varieties, also with regional fruits," reports Fadi Friek. He comes from Syria and ran ice cream cafés in Aleppo for many years. While ice cream fans in the Orient like it more substantial and sweeter, Fadi Friek stirs the ice cream for his German guests with less sugar and fat, but still creamy - according to old recipes from Germany and Syria with a touch of the Orient. Word has already spread in the Elbe suburbs that his ice cream is very tasty. So Fadi Friek is happy to welcome guests from all over Hamburg to his branches in Osdorf and Rissen. "They also like to try our homemade "cheesecake with mango," he says. In fall and winter, by the way, there are also cookies with nut and pistachio fillings, sesame cookies, hot waffle variations and, of course, the "Kalte Schnauze" (Cold Dog) pastry.

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© Lee Maas / Timo Sommer

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