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Naturally handmade

Eisbüttel offers ice cream made of fresh, natural ingredients and a stylish upcycling interior décor.

Of course, in Eisbüttel not only the ice cream and in the winter months the cakes are handmade. Also the furniture - from the lamps to the tables and benches - is homemade. The owner has collected the wood from Hamburg's construction sites and from demolition houses.

A stone's throw away from the busy Osterstraße in the Eimsbüttel district, surrounded by art nouveau houses, elementary school and playgrounds, the small ice cream store has quickly become a meeting place for neighbours, families and business people. In the summer, queuing can also be a test of patience. But it's worth the wait: every day, 12 of the homemade varieties are available. Almost half of them are vegan, and in addition to the refreshing fruit sorbets, there is a chocolate sorbet that is a real treat: Dark, creamy, chocolaty - delicious!

The oat flake berry ice cream based on oat milk is also a must. The fruit varieties vary - sometimes bromine, sometimes blue, sometimes raspberries end up in the vegan bestseller, which even die-hard non-vegans have chosen as their favorite ice cream.

All ice cream varieties have one thing in common: they are made from the best raw materials. Only natural ingredients are used. Artificial flavors, colorants and stabilizers are not added to the (ice cream) bag, and sugar is used as little as possible, as much as necessary. This is because the much frowned upon sweetener is not only a flavor carrier but also responsible for the creaminess of the cult sweet.

A built-in window gives guests a glimpse into the small ice cream kitchen. Classics such as vanilla, chocolate and stracciatella are freshly filled into the ice cream bowls every day, especially at the weekends, but also more unusual varieties such as goat's milk rosemary honey ice cream, beet raspberry or pear parsley sorbet. The ice-cream makers are happy to take up the wishes and ideas of their guests, balance them out and so new varieties regularly find their way into the ice cream display case.

Sustainable down to the last detail

The ball in the wafer, the ball in the croissant or the marble in the bag are also available as small versions - not only for children. Whoever takes a seat on one of the rustic benches outside or at one of the small tables inside will get his ice cream in the robust jar. Waste avoidance and sustainability are topics that the owners have also taken up the flag.

If you want to enjoy your ice cream on the road, you don't have to have a guilty conscience.  The uncoated cups and spoons made of corn starch are biodegradable. Production and cooling is done with 100% green electricity.

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Normal scoop of ice cream for the price of a small scoop

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