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Dionysos has a fine mixture of Cretan delicacies and modern Mediterranean cuisine.

Dionysos is not satisfied with the usual repertoire of simple Greek food. Instead, this restaurant focuses on an exclusive blend of delicacies from Crete and modern Mediterranean cuisine.

Some of the very good from Crete includes what is called "mezedes" - small appetisers that are made with fresh vegetables, white cheese, legumes and salad side dishes as well as seafood and meat specialities. True to the Cretan tradition, they are placed on small plates in the middle of the table so everyone can have a taste. The subsequent main dishes on the regularly-changing menu are Mediterranean-inspired. If you're lucky, you will catch the original fish lasagne with prawns and squid or the delicious lamb fricassee. Whatever is on the menu is guaranteed fresh because chef Michalis buys only what looks good on his daily shopping trip.

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  • CategoryRestaurant
  • Type of cuisineGreek
  • Price€€€
  • Ambiencemediterranean, high-Quality, cosy
  • Servicefriendly

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