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Enjoy authentic Indian and sustainable

AuthenTikka offers a mix of traditional Indian cuisine, street food and modern creations. Freshly prepared, regional ingredients and minimal waste makes the visit a pleasure for the palate and the environment.

Tikkas, biryanis and naan

If you know Indian cuisine, you love tikkas. AuthenTikka's namesake dish of marinated meat, fish or vegetables is marinated for hours and then cooked at 400 degrees in a traditional Indian tandoor oven. Add a naan bread and the tender, well-seasoned food melts in your mouth.

Indian cuisine stands for fresh dishes, variety, spices and for family tradition with recipes that have been passed down through generations and are well-kept treasures. At AuthenTikka, you'll find a mix of Indian street food, traditional recipes and new creations. The menu reads as diverse as founder Tarun's resume with stops in Punjab, Delhi, Kerala, Canada and Hamburg. A little piece of India in Hamburg.

Indian sustainability

At AuthenTikka, chutneys, paneer cheese and many other foods are made on site. Fruits and vegetables arrive in the kitchen unpackaged and are processed directly. This is fresh, saves packaging and, above all, tastes good. Most of the food comes from partners in the region, the meat from species-appropriate husbandry. AuthenTikka cannot do without some of the exotic ingredients of Indian cuisine, such as spices or mangoes from faraway countries. But here, too, the focus is on sustainability as much as possible. And the famous mango lassi is served with a compostable straw.

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