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Amerikanisches Essen
© Pixabay / Engin_Akyurt
American Restaurants

A touch of America in Hamburg's American restaurants

Apple pie, burgers, chicken nuggets - Hamburg's American restaurants let you discover the many sides of cuisine in the USA, from classics all the way to real specialities

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Restaurants Hamburg
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Restaurants, cafés, tips Gastronomy in Hamburg

From fresh fish in a harbour-side restaurant, typical Old Hamburg cuisine with labskaus and red fruit jelly to all sorts of exotic specialities: In terms of food, Hamburg is up there with the best.

Gastronomy in Hamburg
Spanisch-portugiesische Küche
© Pixabay / tpf1959

Spanish & Portuguese

Get a whiff of Mediterranean air in Hamburg's Spanish & Portuguese restaurants!

Spanish & Portuguese
© Stefan Groenveld

Hamburg Originals

Discover the real culinary Hamburg: from classic and original to modern and exclusive.

Hamburg Originals

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