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That golf promotes health has long been beyond question. With increasing age, but also for people who start playing golf and have back and/or joint problems, it is advisable to learn about appropriate measures to prevent sports injuries during golf.

This might include special physiotherapy that positively affects the supporting connective tissue and muscles and helps prevent or alleviate pain during a golf swing.

Those interested in this subject , which also includes proper nutrition, will find that the Hamburg "Golf Lounge" offers a series of events every Wednesday evening as of April under the motto "Healthy Thursday". In this series, various experts and physiotherapists give free lectures on the subject of "Golf & Health".

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Golfing in and Around Hamburg

The Hamburg region is a paradise for golfers that offers the perfect combination of city excursion and active holiday. In addition to the Elbphilharmonie, harbour and club scene, the Hamburg golf region has over 68 golf courses.

Golfing in and Around Hamburg
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Magazine Golf for Beginners

Learn everything you need to know about "Golf for beginners" - we hope you enjoy your start and look forward to welcoming you to the golf region of Hamburg!

Golf for Beginners
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Golf with Dogs

All information about golf with dogs as well as behavioural tips and golf courses where dogs are welcome.

Golf with Dogs


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