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Multifaceted sport

The sport of golf has developed many facets and sports which have taken on the basic idea of getting a ball or object into a target with as few strokes, throws or shots as possible. The best known are probably the golf variations Disc Golf, SwinGolf and Football Golf, which are briefly presented below: What they all have in common is that they can be played without much previous knowledge and (as is usual with "normal" golf) course maturity. Golf enthusiasts thus get a foretaste of "real" golf. In addition, these golf tablets take up far less time and money. Of course you will also find corresponding offers in the golf region of Hamburg.

Disc Golf

This variant of the golf game originated already in the 70's in the USA and is to be seen strictly speaking rather as variant of the Frisbeespielens. The goal is to throw the Frisbee from a fixed tee or drop point (similar to golf tee) with as few throws as possible into a permanently installed basket that is attached to a special device about 1.50m above the ground. On the respective lanes, trees or bushes as natural obstacles can make the game more interesting. There are currently 70 disc golf courses permanently installed in Germany - and more are constantly being added. Disc golf courses are located in the Hamburg golf region, among other places, here:

Gretel Bergmann School

Disc Gold facility with 9 lanes, which can be used free of charge.

Margit-Zinke-Str. 7-11
21035 Hamburg

Phone 040 7359260


Public and free disc golf facility

On the dams
23879 Mölln

Hamburg City North

Disc golf course with 14 holes, which can be used free of charge

Halifax path
22297 Hamburg, Germany

Phone: 0179 695 64 85


SwinGolf is an invention derived from old peasant games from France and resembles the "real" golf game the most. It is played with a special club whose head has three different lofts to hit the ball of different lengths. Also with this variant the goal is to get the ball with as few strokes as possible from the tee over a course of 80 meters to approx. 300 meters length into a hole. The game is played on a specially prepared terrain.  
Especially non-golfers are very interested in this new variant, because it offers some advantages for golf beginners:

  • it can be played immediately, without difficult and long learning phases
  • one plays with only one universal club
  • the balls are bigger and softer (therefore safer)
  • the prices at SwinGolf are much cheaper than at normal golf.

Swing Golf Hamburg

Gauerter main dike 105
21037 Hamburg

phone: 040 73748122
Mobile: 0163 6332546

Swingolf Course Niendorf

Niendorf No. 1
29591 Römstedt

Phone: 05807 207
fax: 05807 607

Football Golf

Football golf is a relatively new ball sport that originated in Sweden and combines golf with football. As with golf, the goal is to play a ball into a hole or net with as few strokes (or kicks) as possible. The ball is a standard football, the "club" is your own foot. A football round usually consists of 18 holes, which are played one after the other on a football golf course. Football golf courses in the Hamburg golf region can currently be found at the following locations:

Football Golf Walsrode

At the bird park 2b
29699 Bomlitz

Phone: 05161 7 889611

Golf and leisure farm

Großenasper way 24
24649 Wiemersdorf, Germany

phone: 04192 8191983

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