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If you want to play golf in the German-speaking countries, you need a so-called "Platzerlaubnis" - a course permit or "golf driving licence" - unless you only play exclusively on public short and 9-hole courses. We wish you a lot of fun with your golf start and golf games and would be very happy to welcome you to one of your next golf trips in the "Golf Region Hamburg"!

Course Permit

A course permit includes both a theoretical and a practical examination, in which a certain number of holes, usually 9, can be played with a certain maximum number of strokes. Anyone who has passed this examination (the course usually lasts between 10-16 hours, spread over several weeks or weekends) will then have the "Platzreife" or "Platzerlaubnis" (course permit) and thus automatically has a handicap of -54.0, with which they can play on most golf courses in Germany.

Golf Instruction

You can book golf instruction in almost every golf club and with all partner clubs of the "Golf Region Hamburg". The courses are conducted under the supervision and guidance of a trained golf instructor, the so-called "golf professional". The price per course - mostly in groups - starts from approx. € 150 per person. Those who prefer individual tuition pay considerably more. Of course you don't have to worry about clubs and balls. These are provided free of charge during the lessons. You only need sturdy shoes and ideally, a simple golf glove (costs approx. € 7-10). With some of our partner facilities, you can ideally combine the acquisition of a course permit with a short holiday in the Hanseatic city, as there are several facilities that offer a course permit instruction on weekends.

Deutscher Golfverband (German Golf Association)

In addition to the "Platzreife" or course permit that you need for your further golf career, a golf club membership with an identity card from the German Golf Association (DGV) is required in order to play on the majority of German and international golf courses. Many clubs offer attractive entry models to their course matriculation graduates who have passed the exam. Just ask for it. During your orientation and entry phase, you can also opt for a so-called "remote membership" (i.e. you receive a membership in a regular golf club including the DGV card, but without the right to play on the course), which is already available from € 120 annually.


Golf Club Jersbek
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(W)Hole-in-one Hamburg Golf Region

The Hamburg region is a paradise for golfers that offers the perfect combination of city excursion and active holiday. In addition to the Elbphilharmonie, harbour and club scene, the Hamburg golf region has over 68 golf courses.

Hamburg Golf Region
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Course permits

For beginners and green-fee players, a course permit is the first step on the way to becoming an ambitious golfer.

Course permits


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