Big Break Hamburg Only the escape remains

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At Big Break Hamburg, hidden clues, helpful items and mysterious puzzles are waiting to be discovered.

At Big Break Hamburg you can expect three exciting escape games that are just waiting to be solved by you. The rules are always the same: you and your team have 60 minutes and one goal: escape. Discover encrypted messages and combine the hidden clues.

Captivity, nightmare or time travel?

The doors slam shut. You are imprisoned in the "Hamburger Trakt", a high-security prison with merciless guards. The Escape Room Jailbreak makes your worst imaginations come true. You have 60 minutes to escape from life imprisonment. At Big Break Hamburg you become the protagonist of extraordinary adventures. Only together will you succeed in escaping. It gets dark and bizarre in Escape Room Insomnia. To fight your insomnia, you sign up for an experiment that appears suspicious on closer inspection. Together you will have to travel to the dream world to defeat your insomnia. Here cooperation is required when it comes to waking up in time before there is no escape... A similarly daring experiment awaits you in the third and last Escape Room Time Travel. After the successful invention of time travel, it is now up to you to get the catastrophic consequences of this discovery under control. The time travel portal is open for 60 minutes - will you succeed in winning the race against time? Excitement and thrills are guaranteed!

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Can you find the solution? Escape Games in Hamburg

A team, a room, and 60 minutes - these are the rules of the new trend known as Escape Games.

Escape Games in Hamburg
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The historic core of the Altstadt (German for Old Town) district is shaped by traditional buildings such as the Hamburg city hall and the chamber of commerce, the alleyways and bridges which stretch out all the way to the HafenCity district. In the Neustadt district district between Laeiszhalle and Jungfernstieg with elegant promenades, fashion stores and gallery owners – overlooking the Alster.

Alt- & Neustadt

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