Speicherstadt - Hamburg's UNESCO World Heritage Site Guided tour through the Speicherstadt

Speicherstadt – Hamburgs UNESCO-Welterbe
© ThisIsJulia Photography
Speicherstadt – Hamburgs UNESCO-Welterbe
© ThisIsJulia Photography
Speicherstadt – Hamburgs UNESCO-Welterbe
© ThisIsJulia Photography
Speicherstadt – Hamburgs UNESCO-Welterbe
© ThisIsJulia Photography

Discover Hamburg's World Heritage! The Speicherstadt was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015. This tour opens up the world's unique warehouse complex and illustrates its eventful history.

The tour will include the boiler house, the coffee exchange and the imposing Sandtorquaihof. First, we start in the Speicherstadt Museum, which is located in an authentic warehouse block from 1888. Here, in addition to numerous historical photographs and plans for the construction of the Speicherstadt, we can see the original silver masonry tools that Kaiser Wilhelm II used to inaugurate the warehouse district. The tour also focuses on work in the warehouse district. Based on typical work equipment and goods, we see how the warehouse workers formerly handled high-quality imported goods such as coffee, cocoa, rubber or tea in the warehouses - from moving them with winches to sampling the bags, boxes, bales and barrels all the way to sorting the coffee beans.

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© ThisIsJulia Photography

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