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Barkassen-Meyer Harbour Tours

Harbour Round Trips

See Hamburg from a different perspective: Be right in the middle of the events at Europe's second largest port! From the cruise terminal past Hafencity, Speicherstadt, Landungsbrücken to the modern container port.

Experience the port of Hamburg on a boat trip and marvel at the skyline - this is definitely one of the highlights of every visit to Hamburg! On the Great Harbour Tour, many highlights can be discovered during a tour.

Round trips through Europe's second largest port

Hamburg is the city with the most bridges in Europe and one of the largest ports in Europe. With a harbour tour you can explore the variety of the port of Hamburg from the best perspective - directly from the water!
Barkassen-Meyer has been offering a classic 'Big Harbour Tour' for 100 years. The attractions to be seen depend on the daily news as well as the tide. Experienced skippers, traditionally called 'He lücht', explain the sights of the harbour and offer a new perspective on Hamburg.

One or two hours: the basics or the true size of the port

Choose how much port you want to experience! A 1-hour 'Big Harbour Tour' past many of the port's highlights or a 2-hour 'XXL Harbour Tour' which will show you the unimaginable dimensions of Hamburg's harbour.
At the Landungsbrücken, the 1-hour 'Great Harbour Tour' begins with launches or passenger ships that lead compactly through the harbour with container terminals and ships, as well as through the Speicherstadt, if the water level permits. Daily highlights are of course taken into account.

At the Überseebrücke starts the 2-hour 'Harbour Tour XXL' with launches. During this intensive tour you will discover the true greatness of the harbour. It leads through the harbour with the various container terminals and ships, the Speicherstadt (depending on the tide) and daily updated to the very large pots in the Waltershofer harbour, the cruise ships and yachts that moor for short visits to the harbour.

For 100 years at the landing bridges

Barkassen-Meyer belongs to Hamburg, just like ebb tide belongs to high tide. The company with a long tradition was founded in 1919 as a classic launcher company for harbour transport and tug work. From the very beginning, tours for private individuals were offered. Until today Barkassen-Meyer is a firm component in the picture of the port of Hamburg. On the occasion of the anniversary, the new member and the tenth ship of the fleet, the MS ENNSTAL, set sail. What is special about the new ship is that it is part of the collection of exclusive art launches and was designed by Udo Lindenberg as the 5th of its kind. For special tours, part of the ticket price will be donated to the Udo Lindenberg Foundation for young artists and social projects.

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Hamburg CARD Discount

Big Harbor Tour

With Hamburg CARD, Hamburg CARD Local, or

Adults: 13.00 € instead of 18.00 €; Savings: 5.00 €, Children (4-14 y.): 6.00 € instead of 9.00 €; Savings: 3.00 €

Harbor Sightseeing Tour XXL

With Hamburg CARD, Hamburg CARD Local, or

Adults: 22.00 € instead of 28.00 €; Savings: 6.00 €, Children (4-14 y.): 8.00 € instead of 11.00 €; Savings: 3.00 €

Hamburg CARD

Free travel by bus, train and harbour ferries (HVV) and up to 50% discount on over 150 tourist offers

Harbour tour
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1h Harbour Tour Meyer

  • Cosy harbour tour 
  • Starting at the Landungsbrücken
  • Following the vibrant quayside
  • Possibly cultural Speicherstadt

1h Harbour Tour Meyer
To offer
From 14.00 €*

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Where to watch ships

In Hamburg, the best and most well-known ocean liners in the world regularly enter and leave the harbour, which makes Hamburg a popular place for ship-spotters - 12 months out of the year.

Where to watch ships
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CITY AREA PORTRAIT St. Pauli, the Harbour & the Reeperbahn

At Hamburg’s city coast, the Elbe and the harbour, you can just sit down and watch as ships, ferries and tugs pass by and enjoy the strong sea breeze. A few hundred meters away you can experience Hamburg’s world-famous “sinful mile” – the Reeperbahn.

St. Pauli, the Harbour & the Reeperbahn

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ComedyBoot in Hamburg

Anyone visiting Hamburg should definitely discover the city in a wonderfully humorous way. Every Saturday, comedians make the harbour launch rock when salmon waves sweep through the boat. Let's go on the ComedyBoat and lines!

ComedyBoot in Hamburg
Der Hafenbus
© / Jörg Modrow

The Harbour Bus

Experience the harbour from an unusual perspective. Even harbour aficionados can always discover something new on this bus tour.

The Harbour Bus
© Ingo Boelter

Back to the roots Wattwagenfahrt nach Neuwerk

With two HP over the mudflats to Neuwerk island. On to the remotest part of Hamburg.

Wattwagenfahrt nach Neuwerk

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Hygiene information

Please note the following information and hygiene rules.



Reservation not required


Credit card payment possible
Contactless payment possible

Visitor limiations

Due to the distance regulations, the ships sail at the legally specified capacity.

Visitor limitations

No longer waiting times

Mask requirements

Mouth and nose protection required

Hygiene measures

Please maintain a distance of 1.5 metres to other people during your trip. Visitors are requested to use the disinfectant available on site. The ships are disinfected after every cruise.

More information

To guarantee smooth procedures under adherence of all hygiene measures, we request that you arrive thirty minutes before the tour.

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