South Europe and the Canaries - from Hamburg toward the sun

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Tram in Lissabon
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Sun is guaranteed on the Mediterranean routes!

The port of Hamburg also opens the gateway to Southern Europe, from where cruise destinations in Southern Europe can be easily and comfortably travelled to. Along the west coast of Europe, passing metropolises such as Brussels, Le Havre and Lisbon, sunny views open up for cruise passengers in the western Mediterranean. From Hamburg, for example, you can experience Mediterranean flair by visiting Barcelona, Palma, Rome, Venice or the Canary Islands and discover one of the most popular cruise regions.

Europe's west coast

A sea voyage along the western edge of Europe is varied. From Hamburg, seafarers can expect fascinating cliffs, eternal sandy beaches, impressive architecture and pulsating metropolises such as Brussels and Lisbon. The further south you go, the more Mediterranean the climate becomes.

Mediterranean flair

Through the Strait of Gibraltar, one of the busiest waterways in the world, you continue your cruise from Hamburg to the Mediterranean. Here you can enjoy the Italian Dolce Vita, Spanish wine, whitewashed villages in Greece, exciting metropolises like Rome and Barcelona, delicious food and above all warm temperatures and lots of sun!

Discover the Canary Islands

From Hamburg, you continue along the west coast of Europe to the Canary Islands. Thanks to their volcanic origin, they attract visitors with their diverse, exotic flora and fauna and breathtaking landscapes. The archipelago off the coast of Africa is always pleasantly warm - an eternal spring.

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Shipping & Cruises

Experience the metropolis on the Elbe before or after your cruise or just watch the ships. Be there live and up close when the most amazing cruise ships arrive at Hamburg's cruise terminals.

Shipping & Cruises
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Övelgönne & Environs

The Övelgönne Museum Harbour is the home of numerous historical ships. Many of these have been painstakingly restored by hand and can again be used on the water.

Övelgönne & Environs


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