Gems along the Baltic Sea - Metropolises from Hamburg

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On the Baltic Sea route with a stopover in Copenhagen

Consider yourself lucky if you embark on a Baltic Sea trip from Hamburg. As a rule, the shipping route from Hamburg leads down the Elbe to a canal trip from Brunsbüttel to Kiel through the Kiel Canal. It then goes to Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki and St. Petersburg. Especially in midsummer, when it hardly ever gets dark over the pool deck during the white nights, it's a very special experience.

Rugged landscape and Hanseatic charm

On Baltic Sea trips you have the opportunity to get to know many different European cities on one route. In addition to maritime charm and historical highlights, the impressive natural surroundings you see on the journey are more than worthwhile.

Scandinavian seaports

From Copenhagen via Stockholm and Helsinki - the Scandinavian cities enchant with their remarkable buildings and mixture of metropolitan flair and serenity.

White nights and golden roofs

When the days lengthen in summer, St. Petersburg's "white nights" seem enchanted. But it is not only the silver shimmering light that fascinates this city. With its numerous golden roofs and magnificent castles, which you can also discover from the ship, you get to know an impressive Russian city.

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Shipping & Cruises

Experience the metropolis on the Elbe before or after your cruise or just watch the ships. Be there live and up close when the most amazing cruise ships arrive at Hamburg's cruise terminals.

Shipping & Cruises
Tobias Pietsch
© Andreas Vallbracht

Zuhause ist, wo der Anker fällt Unterwegs mit Kapitän Tobias Pietsch

Wenn Kapitän Tobias Pietsch nicht gerade mit der Wohlfühlflotte auf den Weltmeeren unterwegs ist, liegt er in seiner Heimatstadt Hamburg vor Anker. Wir haben ihn im Urlaub besucht und gemeinsam seine Lieblingsplätze erkundet.

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The Elbe

You can experience the "big pots" - big ships - up close at numerous places along the Elbe. Apart from the Landungsbrücke and the fish market, there are numerous other spots where you can experience the maritime lifestyle.

The Elbe


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