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The green space in HafenCity is becoming more lively, greener and more rewarding every day. The Lohsepark, with 4.4 hectares the largest connected green area in HafenCity, is an idyllic recreation area with plenty of opportunities for play and fun and invites you to relax, do sports and experience nature.

When the sun is shining in Hamburg, the green colors of the secret hotspot at HafenCity are even richer than usual. The lush green grass is so inviting, that many people take a seat to enjoy a place where they can let their mind wander, have a picnic or get active while the busy life of the neighborhood goes by. 

Since July 2016 the Lohsepark is finally open for all nature lovers and peace seekers. But also for families this park offers great opportunities. Here, they not only find a playground that fascinates climbing fans of all ages but also the big swings are a highlight. After a short break underneath the numerous fruit trees, that were planted here a while ago, you’ll find a place for skating and basketball close to the Oberhagenquartier.

With a length of 600 meters and a width of 80 it’s something for every taste.

Even discoverers find something new to explore: hidden in the Lohsepark there is a constructed cave where kids can pretend to be real geologists. Different layers of earth like tamped concrete, clay, grit and turf are laid bare and impress everyone, even adults, when entering the cave. 

Moreover the Lohsepark is a place of memory. Between Ericusgraben and Baakenhafen once the Hannoversche Bahnhof was located. From 1940 until 1945 at least 7692 Jews, Sinti and Roma were deported from this station during the holocaust. A place with a mournful history has become the green lung of the HafenCity.

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Short & Sweet

  • Atmosphere urban & idyllic
  • Sport basketball & skating
  • Playground existent
  • Public Transport U4 to HafenCity University
  • Coffe place near by Das Torrefaktum, Yokohamastraße 10

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