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International Short Film Festival

Experience the importance of short film on Hamburg's screens

The International Short Film Festival Hamburg has its roots in the milieu of independent filmmakers. Today, the IKFF Hamburg is one of the most important and successful short film festivals worldwide for both the industry and the audience.

The Short Film Festival is one of the most renowned and at the same time most important short film festivals in Europe. Since 1986, more than 400 films have been shown at the festival every year. The festival's program shows films that could not be more different: from loud and sparkling, to wild and level-headed, to quiet and peotic. Filmmakers, industry and audience celebrate the short form together at the 39th Short Film Festival Hamburg.

Varied program

By presenting an enormous range of international short film productions, the festival offers its visitors a diverse forum and serves as a widely popular meeting place for short filmmakers from Germany and abroad. The festival's diversity is fed on the one hand by the numerous film submissions for the various competitions and on the other hand by the various carefully curated special programs.


The annual national and international competitions do not differentiate between individual genres, but all cinematic forms are invited to participate in the categories International Competition, NoBudget, German Competition and Flotter Dreier. In addition to the three competitions (the International Competition, the German Competition and the Triple Axel), various special programs are presented that take a closer look at selected topics. They range from social observations to shows of the work of individual filmmakers or film groups to country or regional focuses. In addition, technical, aesthetic or formal developments are examined at irregular intervals.

In addition to the cinematic programs, there are seminars, workshops or informational events within the framework of the festival, which offer filmmakers the opportunity to gain helpful insights into film production.

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CITY AREA PORTRAIT Altona & Ottensen

For strolling, having a coffee, taking a walk or having some delicious food – situated directly at the Elbe and traversed by parks, Altona & Ottensen are considered to be charming and diverse districts with character. Brick walls create a rather rough atmosphere in Altona, while it is lively and colourful in Ottensen.

Altona & Ottensen

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World-class cycling in Hamburg 26th BEMER Cyclassics Hamburg

There is something to celebrate - the BEMER Cyclassics Hamburg will start again in Hamburg! At the now only professional cycling race of the highest category UCI World Tour in Germany, the best cycling teams in the world will compete in August.

26th BEMER Cyclassics Hamburg
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Colorful, queer, socially critical film festival Hamburg International Queer Film Festival

The Hamburg International Queer Film Festival is Germany's oldest and largest queer film festival. Every October, current film productions are shown at the Film Days - with a special focus on diversity.

Hamburg International Queer Film Festival
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Experience the Hamburg theater program on one night Hamburg Theatre Night

At the Theatre Night Hamburg, theatre enthusiasts can get an insight into the current productions of many Hamburg theatres. The start of the new season will be brilliant and offers more than 200 programme items. All in one night!

Hamburg Theatre Night

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