Aktiv Leben – Die Messe für die Generation 55plus
  • Consumer Fairs

© Stiftung Mensch und Zukunft

Active Living - The trade fair for the 55plus generation is an excellent opportunity for people aged 55 and over to obtain comprehensive information about offers on the important subject areas of their age group: accessories, automobiles, education, volunteering, nutrition, finances, fitness, enjoyment, health , real estate, mobility in old age, law, travel, security, sports and living.

The trade fair is an initiative of the Stiftung Mensch und Zukunft in cooperation with the BürgerStiftung Region Ahrensburg and includes an exhibition of regional and national exhibitors who provide information about a wide range of offers for people of the 55plus generation.

Everything under the motto: Stay active and develop new ideas and plans

Parallel to the exhibition there will be specialist lectures from experts.

The fair is open from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Admission for visitors is free.

The foundation provides information about the trade fairs at www.aktivleben-55plus.de

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Edvardsson DIE Tanzschule


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© HR Business GmbH

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© Das AgenturHaus GmbH

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© Hamburg Messe und Congress Michael Zapf

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© whisky-warehouse no.8

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© Das AgenturHaus GmbH

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© Autarkia GmbH

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