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MUT! Theater Hamburg

The MUT! Theater in Hmaburg is located in the heart of the Schanzenviertel and is distinguished above all by its multicultural and international orientation.

The MUT! Theater is located in the heart of the Schanzenviertel and is characterized above all by its multicultural and international orientation.
The audience searches in vain for classical productions in MUT! Theatre. Although the small theatre also has well-known texts by famous authors in its repertoire, it gives them a new look. For example, in the production "Romeo and Juliet Oriental" the classical material of Shakespeare's drama is shown against the background of the Turkish-Kurdish conflict. All in all, all the projects that can be seen on the stage of Mut! Theatre are about multiculturalism and integration. In addition to own productions, the audience can also admire interdisciplinary guest performances, concerts or cabaret events. In Addition the MUT! Theater offers exciting theatre pedagogical projects and workshops on topics such as violence, racism and migration for school classes and youth institutions.

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