Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier Classical ballet and modern forms

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The company around John Neumeier is a constant in the cultural scene in Hamburg and far beyond.

In Hamburg, one man is the authority on ballet: John Neumeier. The company, which is based at the Hamburg State Opera, therefore bears the name of the former dancer and current choreographer who has led it since 1973.

Part of the international ballet scene

The fact that the Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier is not only known in his hometown, but is also a popular part of the international ballet scene is due to the fact that Neumeier not only relies on the tradition of classical ballet in his works, but also combines it with contemporary forms to create his choreographic language. In addition, there are the popular ballet workshops, in which Neumeier and his company explain what their current repertoire is all about, what lies behind the stories of many well-known traditional ballet pieces, or take the audience with them into the history of stage dance.

The ballet center, where Neumeier and his company rehearse daily and rehearse the repertoire, is located in the Hamm district of Hamburg. It is also a place for promoting young talent: the ballet school and the Federal Youth Ballet are based there.

50 years of Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier

The 2022/2023 season marks John Neumeier's 50th anniversary as ballet director. At the same time, the season is his last. From August 2024, Demis Volpi will succeed Prof. John Neumeier as Artistic Director of the Hamburg Ballet and Director of the Ballet Centre.

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