Goldbekhaus Colourful programme for creative minds and those interested in culture

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The Goldbekhaus in Winterhude provides space for communication and encounters as well as culture, creativity and movement.

The Goldbekhaus is located in the Winterhude district north of Hamburg. Close to the Alster, you will find a place of encounter and well-being with the Goldbekhaus. This creative project was launched over 30 years ago; ever since it has stood for communication, culture and movement. The core of the project is the theatre. Both trained actors as well as amateurs are welcome here. If you don't like the spotlight, though, take part in one of the sports courses. Such things as yoga, Pilates, dance or gymnastics for those over 50 are offered. The creative studio also provides a variety of workshops for big and small artists. Very special events take place every month in the Goldbekhaus, including the Hamburg Comedy Cup, concerts by the Trio Faber and annual New Year's Eve party. The Goldbekhaus is a place for art, culture and sports enthusiasts, but even spectators enjoy the unique scenery on the Goldbekkanal, one of the most beautiful district of Hamburg.

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CITY AREA PORTRAIT All around the Alster

There is much to do around the Alster, one of the must-sees in our beautiful harbour city – Gründerzeit quarters and exclusive residential areas delight fans of architecture, joggers and cyclists. Many individual shops, cafés and restaurants invite visitors to linger. For a workout, for relaxation or just to take a stroll – the Alster is always a pleasant experience!

All around the Alster

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Top-class productions First Stage Theater

The First Stage is an off-roadway stage in Hamburg-Altona, which offers a varied programme away from the mainstream with top-class productions. Originally used as a cinema until the seventies, it was misused for many years, including as a photo studio and supermarket.

First Stage Theater
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Thalia Gaussstrasse

The Gaußstraße is an annexe of the Thalia Theatre and at the same time district theatre of Hamburg Altona – open to all from Greater Hamburg, but with a strong connection to the creative melting pot Altona consisting of workers, members of the middle class and an increasingly intercultural society.

Thalia Gaussstrasse
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MUT! Theater Hamburg

The MUT! Theater in Hmaburg is located in the heart of the Schanzenviertel and is distinguished above all by its multicultural and international orientation.

MUT! Theater Hamburg

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