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Beer brewing has a long tradition in the Hanseatic city

Those who come to the city on the Elbe will sooner or later stumble across the typical North German beer brands: Holsten and Astra. Hamburg, Hanseatic, the Astra with an anchor on its label - Hamburg loves its beer.

The Kiez beer Astra has meanwhile attained cult status, and even the term "HOPIHALIDO" for "HOlsten PIlsener HAlbe LIter DOse" has been known to every Hanseatic city dweller since the song of the same name by songwriter Lotto King Karl. In the middle of Altona is the Holsten Brewery, where the Holsten and meanwhile also the Astra are produced. On a tour of the brewery you can learn how the beer gets into the bottle.

Hamburg and its beers: Tour of the Holsten Brewery Hamburg

Brewing beer has a long tradition in the Hanseatic city. Beer has been brewed in the Holsten Brewery since 1879, but the brewery was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War and was only rebuilt afterwards. The Original Astra has been produced since the beginning of the last century in St. Pauli in the Bavaria Brewery at the harbour - until it was bought by the Holsten Brewery in 1998 and is now produced in Altona. The Holsten Brewery has been part of the Carlsberg Group since 2004. In addition to Holsten and Astra, the harbour town produces Moravia Pils, Grenzquell Pilsener and Lüneburger Pilsener as well as a range of non-alcoholic soft drinks.

How does the beer get into the bottle?

During a tour of the Holsten Brewery in Hamburg, visitors experience the long journey of barley juice from the grain to the bottle - from the art of brewing and production to bottling. Of course the beer can also be tasted. The tour includes a beer tasting and a small snack with freshly baked grains bread, a hearty bread to which the mash residues from beer production are added. A visit to the Holsten Brewery in Hamburg is an exciting and humid and happy experience!

Holsten Brewing World

The Adventure Brewery (microbrewery) offers interested guests the opportunity to experience the natural product beer with all its aromas, colours, smells and styles. In addition, the selected beer varieties of the Holsten Brauwelt are produced here in small quantities. The beer seminars developed by master brewer Rüdiger Weck deal with topics such as beer history, brewing process, raw materials, beer styles, the sensory diversity of beer and what beer and health are all about. Join us on an exciting journey into the world of beer!

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