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Digital Art Museum

Museum of the international artist collective teamLab moves into HafenCity in 2024

In the coming years, a museum of a very special kind will be created in Hamburg on 7,000 m²: Europe's largest digital art museum - brought to life by entrepreneur Lars Hinrichs. Look forward to a multidimensional, multisensory experience where you can touch and interact with the artworks.

Digital art comes to Hamburg

When Lars Hinrichs, Hamburg entrepreneur and founder of the business network Xing, visited an exhibition by the international, interdisciplinary artist collective チームラボ / teamLab in Tokyo for the first time, one thing was clear to him: this experience should not be withheld from art lovers and tourists in Hamburg. In 2024, this wish will become reality when the Digital Art Museum opens its doors in HafenCity. 

Immersive art on 7,000 m² of floor space

What awaits visitors there has nothing to do with a classic museum, where the artworks are protected and can be viewed from a certain distance. The Digital Art Museum is dedicated to the motto "Touch. Be touched." The result is an extraordinary space for digitally designed art that can - and should - be interacted with! "You don't have to understand art through the laws of logic," says Lars Hinrichs, founder, and initiator of the Digital Art Museum. Rather, he says, art must be felt. 

Another attraction for HafenCity

The museum will be located in Hamburg's eastern HafenCity district, Elbbrücken. Plans call for an area of 7,000 square meters with ceilings up to 10 meters high. Various measures are to ensure that the museum's carbon footprint is zero. 

Who is teamLab?

As the word "team" suggests, there is no single artist behind this large-scale digital project. teamLab gathers an international and interdisciplinary collective of artists, programmers, engineers, mathematicians, architects, and computer animation experts under its name. A characteristic feature of their projects is that visitors become part of the artworks, are allowed to touch and photograph them. 

The collective's art can be seen all over the world in renowned museums as well as two permanent exhibitions in Tokyo and Shanghai - and from 2024 also in Hamburg. Hinrichs is hoping for around 700,000 visitors from all over the world in the first year.

A foretaste is already available here today.


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