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Composers Quarter

The Hamburg Composers' Quarter is an association of various museums that offer exciting and interactive insights into the biographies of world-famous composers.

The cultural metropolis of Hamburg looks back on a far-reaching and unique music history. Important composers have seen the light of day or spent part of their lives in the port city and contributed to the diversity of the Hanseatic musical landscape with their work. The composers' quarter in the historically reconstructed Hamburg Bürger- und Kaufmannshäuser in Neustadt is a unique place that brings the musical history of the Hanseatic city back to life. Since 1971, music lovers have been able to follow in the footsteps of Johannes Brahms in the quarter's first museum. In 2011, the world's only Telemann Museum was added, dedicated to the work of the respected composer and former music director. The Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Museum and the Johann Adolf Hasse Museum also opened in March 2015. Further exhibition spaces dealing with the life and work of Fanny and Felix Mendelssohn and Gustav Mahler were added in May 2018.

Brahms Museum

Born in Hamburg's "Gängeviertel", Johannes Brahms is one of the most important musicians of the Hanseatic city. His work encompasses almost all musical genres and is characterized by a unique style and the highest level of compositional refinement. Not far from his birthplace, a place has been created in the KomponistenQuartier that is dedicated to Brahms's work in Hamburg in a witty and vivid way.

Telemann Museum

Georg Philipp Telemann may not have been born in Hamburg, but there was a strong bond with the port city during his career. Telemann, who enriched musical life in Hamburg above all as music director and director of the predecessor institution of today's Hamburg State Opera, is regarded as one of the most productive composers in music history. With the world's only Telemann Museum, the city is setting a monument to the musician in which visitors can familiarise themselves with the music and life of the artist.

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Museum

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach was in no way inferior to his important father Johann Sebastian Bach in terms of musical skill and artistic talent. The composer's most famous offspring spent two decades in Hamburg in the 18th century and shaped the artistic development of the Hanseatic city with his sensitive music. The KomponistenQuartier dedicates a museum to the musician in which those interested in culture can immerse themselves in Bach's life in Hamburg thanks to multimedia presentations.

Johann Adolf Hasse Museum

In Johann Adolf Hasse, Hamburg has also produced an important representative of the world of opera and church music. Born in Bergedorf, the composer spent his young years in the Hanseatic city and began a glorious and international career from there. The Hasse Museum illustrates the career of the musician. Numerous original documents can be admired.

Fanny & Felix Mendelssohn Museum

Born near the "Michel", the two highly musical siblings spent the first years of their lives in Hamburg before the banker family fled from the French occupied Hanseatic city to Berlin. The exhibition illuminates the international career of the brother, who became one of the most important and respected composers of the century, as well as the limited opportunities available to his sister due to the social role of women at the time.

Gustav Mahler Museum

As the first Kapellmeister of the Hamburg Stadt-Theater, Gustav Mahler shaped the musical cityscape of Hamburg between 1891 and 1897 like no other. He was known as a critical but also productive spirit: sometimes he conducted a concert every other evening. The exhibition draws a varied picture of the artist through letters, books, programme announcements and reviews. On a Welte-Mignon piano, the four paper rolls on which Mahler recorded his own works in 1905 can be reproduced - the only sound recordings that exist of him.

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Kompomisten Quartier
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Admission to the Composers' Quarter

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Admission to the Composers' Quarter
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Kompomisten Quartier
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The Komponisten-Quartier is a museum ensemble that illuminates the life and work of seven composers, who are associated with the hanseatic city. It presents more than 200 years of music history, including Georg Philipp Telemann, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach and Johann Adolf Hasse representing the 18th century to Fanny and Felix Mendelssohn, as well as Johannes Brahms from the 19th century to Gustav Mahler as a representative of modernism. An exciting mixture of sensual exhibitions, objects and the use of modern media make music history experienceable in a lively way.

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Alt- & Neustadt

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Helms Museum

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