Bargheer Museum "An artist's life in the 20th century"

Bargheer Museum
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The Bargheer Museum in Hamburg's Jenischpark is dedicated to the life work of the Hamburg painter of the same name.

Under the motto "An artist's life in the 20th century", everything at the Bargheer Museum and Event House revolves around the Hamburg artist Eduard Bargheer, who lived from 1901 to 1979. In addition to exhibitions of Bargheer's own works, the alternating programme also includes art from Bargheer's circle at the time. Bargheer's art is characterised by abstract forms and a symbolising visual language. His mosaic-like light watercolours from the 1950s are particularly noteworthy.

Varying exhibition themes

The museum possesses a large collection of Bargheer's works, which was supplemented by later purchases and is presented in changing exhibitions. Past exhibition themes have included "Departure for new shores", "At eye level. Portrait and Landscape" and "The Arrival of Harmony". Currently, various works from the years 1934 to 1954 are being exhibited under the title "War and Peace". The focus is on the time context of the works during Hitler's seizure of power and the Nazi regime. More precisely, Bargheer's two-decade work is divided into the three areas of pre-war, wartime and post-war.

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