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Open Air Museum Rieck Haus

One of the oldest farm houses in North Germany exhibits the culture and history of the Vierlande area.

Anyone interested in the historical areas of Hamburg should not shy away from visiting the Rieck Haus Open Air Museum and the Museum für Bergedorf und die Vierlande.

Vierlande and Bergedorf are two exciting areas of Hamburg that can be explored in the Bergedorf museum landscape. These include the Museum für Bergedorf and the Vierlande, which is housed in Bergedorf Castle. The main aspects of the exhibition there are the life in Bergedorf at that time and its history. The museum also includes the Rieck Haus open-air museum, which reconstructs the history of the Vierlande farmers - a former river island region. The starting point is the Rieck Haus, a building built in the 16th century in the unique style of the Niederdeutscher Fachhallenhaus. Other buildings can also be visited, including a historic baking house.

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Welcome to Bergedorf, Wandsbek, Hammerbrook and Rothenburgsort! Here, the harbour cranes and industrial culture in Rothenburgsort and Hammerbrook meet nature protection areas, meadows and woods on the border with Schleswig-Holstein.

Hamburg East

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Historical Centre of Bergedorf

In Bergedorf, you will find an attractive city centre with a castle, half-timbered houses, a village church, a port and the charming Sachsentor shopping street.

Historical Centre of Bergedorf
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Regionalmuseum Bergedorf Museum

The ''Bergedorf Museum' in the Castle of Bergedorf shows the origins and life of the Hamburg district in its most beautiful setting.

Bergedorf Museum

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