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Altona Museum

Foundation for Historical Museums Hamburg.

Visitors can find out more about the history of the popular Hanseatic city and the whole of Schleswig-Holstein at the Altona Museum in Hamburg. The museum brings you closer to the art and cultural history of northern Germany as well as fishing and sailing.

The Altona Museum in Hamburg is one of the cities numerous attractions that should not be missed. The Altona Museum is situated between the Altona train station, the Elbe and the trendy Ottensen quarter. As one of Germany’s largest regional museums, it covers the art and cultural history of the North German area and presents the cultural-historical development of the Elbe region around Altona from Schleswig Holstein and the coastal area from the North Sea to the Baltic Sea.

As Hamburg-Altona was Danish territory for a long time (Altona was granted a city charter by the Danish king in 1664 and was later incorporated into Hamburg), the Altona Museum also contains many Danish works of art and further information on the city's Danish history. Several works of art by the Danish marine painter Anton Melbye (1818-1875) are exhibited in the Altona Museum.

The museum’s collection offers a multifaceted view of the art and cultural history of North Germany from the 18th century to the present. The local cultural history – which was greatly influenced by the fishing industry and seafaring – is also addressed. A further focus is the history of the media. The permanent exhibition displays the most important regional pieces from the areas of painting and graphics, the fine crafts, cultural history, fishing and seafaring.

The Altona Museum's exhibitions and events increasingly interweave historical themes with contemporary perspectives that shape the identity of today's citizens of Hamburg. These themes include urban development, migration and integration. In pursuit of this mission, the museum deliberately embraces openness and collaborates with a wide range of associations and initiatives.

On the top floor of the Altona Museum you'll find the wunderkammer, a fascinating exhibition for children who are beginning to read. Here young explorers are invited to play, collect and experience moments of wonder. The wunderkammer offers plenty of space for artistic expression through drawing, writing and experimentation, as well as a cosy reading nook. It's more than an exhibition, it's an interactive museum experience. Its open shelves hold a diverse collection of everyday and mysterious objects waiting to be explored. Children can satisfy their curiosity, create imaginative stories and arrange objects according to their creative whims. The Wunderkammer is an inspiring space where children can discover the world through play and develop their creativity.

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