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Hamburger Hafen Sonnenaufgang
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Life at the waterside

Hamburg means Life at the waterside

The River Elbe entices people out thanks to its refreshing breaths of wind and it offers both adventure and recreation, making the heat more tolerable. The sparkling waterfront is worth a closer look, as it shows how life next to the water makes Hamburg something special. After all, the view of our Elbe is ever-present! With a stiff breeze on your skin, you can sense the sea on the horizon while the seagulls sing the praises of this city and its people. It just takes a few steps out of your front door, one foot forward then the next, following the warm sunshine and the scent of sea salt – and there you will find this wonderful Hamburg view.

Hamburg ist Leben am Wasser
© / Jörg Modrow

LIFE AT THE WATERSIDE Here you experience maritime city flair

An exceptional summer straight out of the picture book. This is despite the fact that many places in Northern Germany have a completely different reputation in other parts of the country. “It rains for one half of the year and the rest of the time the weather is just bad” – many would agree with this old saying. However, this year’s temperatures have drawn all of Hamburg to the city’s shores.

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DISCOVER NOW Urban.Shore.Hamburg

Elbphilharmonie Luftaufnahme Sonnenaufgang
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Urban.Shore.Hamburg Hamburg – City at the waterfront

Life on the water makes Hamburg really special. Discover the city on the water and enjoy its maritime diversity.

Hamburg – City at the waterfront
Hafengeburtstag Hamburg
© / Michael Zapf

Hamburg means... Events at the waterfront

Festivals, concerts, book readings, parties, masquerade balls, live concert screenings, and poetry slams in the open air – and all of this against the unique backdrop of the Elbe River. At Hamburg’s waterside, a multitude of exciting events and activities ensures a continuous flow of inspiration.

Events at the waterfront
Elbphilharmonie Hamburg
© / Maxim Schulz

Hamburg means... Culture at the waterfront

Maritime museums, large concert halls, ships on which people celebrate and dance - the city coast of Hamburg has a lot to offer culturally. On the banks and on the water, cultural highlights pulsate in Hamburg and exude uniqueness into the world.

Culture at the waterfront

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