Carsharing in Hamburg

Mietwagen Hamburg
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City tour in a different way

You would like to discover Hamburg on your own and in the most comfortable way and are planning an excursion to the surrounding area of Hamburg? Or you need a car spontaneously to get from A to B quickly? With us you can book your rental car for your stay in Hamburg directly online and safely or benefit from car sharing offers in the Hamburg city area. Our partners Europcar and SHARE NOW have special offers for this.

Mobile and flexible through the Hanseatic City

For short distances through Hamburg, car sharing offers are the best choice for you. Whether you have to go to the supermarket for a bulk purchase or visit Freude on the other side of the city: cars can be rented flexibly in the Hamburg city area and can be rented for as long as you wish.

After a one-time registration, the vehicles can be used at minute intervals and then parked in any public parking lot within the rental area. Via a smartphone app, the Internet, users can find the nearest car. The car-sharing offer offers the spontaneous lending of vehicles with high quality equipment. You can choose the most suitable car for your purpose from a wide range of models of the brands.

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U-Bahn Hamburg
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From A to B quickly & easily Getting around Hamburg

Hamburg offers many possibilities for getting from A to B. In addition buses, the underground and suburban trains, you can explore the city, for example, by bike or harbour ferry. Rental vehicles and car-sharing are also flexible solutions for getting around.

Getting around Hamburg
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Public transport in and around Hamburg Hamburg public transport association (hvv)

Getting easily across the town with the Hamburg Public Transport Association (Hamburger Verkehrsverbund - hvv) and the Hamburg CARD

Hamburg public transport association (hvv)


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