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Arrival by car

Hamburg is accessible via four motorways and six federal highways

Taking the motorway is probably the most comfortable and individual way to arrive in Hamburg. If you don't mind traffic jams and want the individual mobility in Hamburg that your vehicle gives you, by all means drive.

garage parking space included
Hotel & Garage

Hotel & Garage

  • overnight stay in a hotel, with breakfast
  • free underground car parking space
  • Hamburg CARD (3 Days) – ticket worth € 26,50
Hotel & Garage
To offer
From 49.00
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Farewell parking search!

Discover Hamburg's hotels with parking. The hotel's own parking spaces and underground car parks offer your car the ideal accommodation for the duration of your stay in Hamburg.

Mehr erfahren
Mehr erfahren

Parking in Hamburg

From western Germany, the A1 leads directly to Hamburg. The A7 leads from southern Germany through the middle of the country past Hamburg. Coming from Berlin, take the A24 motorway. There are plenty of parking lots in Hamburg. Most hotels have their own parking lots. The city centre has plenty of multi-storey car parks as well as Park & Ride spaces at numerous train stations. There are also many free parking spaces in the city districts. The Hamburg CARD gives you a 25% discount on some parking spaces - ideal for parking your car and continuing on via public transport, which is included with the card.

Parking overview

Our Online-Citymap has an overview of parking lots and multi-storey car parks in the Hamburg city centre, harbour, fish market and the trade fair halls.

Parking management system

If you travel by car to the city centre, the arenas or the airport, take advantage of the dynamic parking guidance system. It provides information about how full the nearby car parks and parking areas are and always displays the current number of free parking spaces.

Park & Ride

Arrive relaxed and on time at your destination. Distributed over the entire HVV public transport area are more than 122 underground, suburban and regional train stops with Park&Ride facilities. They have over 19,400 parking spaces, which lets you can park your car comfortably and change to the train or bus. This is particularly good for long sightseeing days - and with the Hamburg CARD you not only have free travel by bus and train in Hamburg's city as well as greater metropolitan areas, but also save up to 40% on over 150 attractions and offers.

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Arrival via motorway & national road

Via motorway

A1 - East-West connection

Schleswig-Holstein (Heiligenhafen/Baltic Sea) - Hamburg - Lower Saxony - Bremen - North Rhine-Westphalia - Rhineland-Palatinate - Saarland (Saarbrücken)

A7 - Danish to Austrian border

Border crossing Denmark (Ellund/Flensburg) - Schleswig-Holstein - Hamburg - Lower Saxony - Hesse - Baden-Wuerttemberg - Bavaria - Border crossing Austria (Füssen)

A23 - Heide (Schleswig-Holstein) - Hamburg

A24 - Hamburg-Berlin-Connection

Hamburg - Schleswig-Holstein - Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania - Brandenburg

Via national road

B4 - East-West connection

Schleswig-Holstein (Bad Bramstedt) - Hamburg - Lower Saxony - Thuringia - Bavaria (Nuremberg)

B5 - Danish to Polish border

Border crossing Denmark (Böglum/Sæd) - Schleswig-Holstein - Hamburg - Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania - Brandenburg - Berlin - Border crossing Poland (Frankfurt (Oder)/City Bridge)

B73 - Cuxhaven (North Sea) - Hamburg

B75 - Travemünde (Baltic Sea) - Hamburg - Bremen

B431 - Meldorf (Schleswig-Holstein) - Hamburg

B432 - Lübeck Bay (Baltic Sea) - Hamburg

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More Hamburg
Experience & Save

Free travel by bus, train & harbour ferries,
up to 50% discount on over 150 activities,
attractions and restaurants.

More Hamburg
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Free travel

Free travel everywhere by bus, train & harbour ferries

Many discounts

Up to 50% discount on over 150 tourist attractions

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Online, tourist info, hotel or ticket machine

BOOK NOW Our travel offers to Hamburg

Hamburg Reisen 4 for 3

Stay 4 nights - pay only 3 Special Price - 1 night for free

  • overnight stay in a hotel
  • with breakfast
  • Hamburg CARD - ticket worth € 26,50
Stay 4 nights - pay only 3
To offer
From 135.00
1 child up to 13 years free of charge
Short trip for the whole family

Short trip for the whole family Family Experience

  • overnight stay in a hotel, with breakfast
  • 1-hour harbour tour on the Elbe
  • at least 1 child up to 13 years of age free of charge
Short trip for the whole family
To offer
From 33.00

Train special Our Bestseller

  • overnight stay in hotel, with breakfast
  • Return journey by ICE (1st or 2nd class coaches, as booked)
  • Hamburg CARD (3 Days) – ticket worth € 26,50
Train special
To offer
From 204.00

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Information & Service Arrival

There are many ways travel to Hamburg as comfortably as possible. Anything is possible: train, plane or with your own vehicle.

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Information & Service Getting Around Hamburg

Hamburg offers many possibilities for getting from A to B. In addition buses, the underground and suburban trains, you can explore the city, for example, by bike or harbour ferry. Rental vehicles and car-sharing are also flexible solutions for getting around.

Getting Around Hamburg
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For a carefree trip. Information

All useful information about Hamburg is bundled here. No matter whether it's before or during your stay. From maps to arrival information, to getting around the city and other current topics, everything is here. This will make your next trip here easier to plan and enjoy.


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