To Hamburg by bus

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Bus driving is back on the agenda! Various providers have an attractive network of bus routes throughout the country, which also connects Hamburg with the most important German cities.

Traveling to Hamburg via bus is cheap and comfortable. Thanks to the free onboard WLAN offered by many companies, you can spend your trip preparing for your visit. Many buses also have electrical sockets so you can charge your equipment on the way and entertain yourself during the entire journey. Seat guarantees are often available; enough legroom contributes to a relaxed, comfortable arrival in the Hanseatic city right in the city centre at the Central Bus Station (ZOB).

Buses arrive and depart around the clock at the Central Bus Station (ZOB) in Hamburg. The list of bus lines is long. Many buses run daily from Berlin, Stuttgart, Dresden and Cologne to Hamburg and return you home via the same routes. Many bus companies come to Hamburg from abroad as well, e.g. from Denmark or Poland.

For more information on the bus lines departing and arriving from the Hamburger Bus Station and the exact timetables, please visit the website of the Central Bus Station Hamburg, ZOB Hamburg.

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U-Bahn Hamburg
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From A to B quickly & easily Getting around Hamburg

Hamburg offers many possibilities for getting from A to B. In addition buses, the underground and suburban trains, you can explore the city, for example, by bike or harbour ferry. Rental vehicles and car-sharing are also flexible solutions for getting around.

Getting around Hamburg
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Individual and flexible Arrival by car

Hamburg is a traffic hub that is easy to reach from anywhere in Germany. Four motorways and six national roads bring you here directly.

Arrival by car
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Simply travelling Arrival by train

Everything about travelling to Hamburg by train: Information and tips on travel packages and country tickets can be found here.

Arrival by train


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