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Music – Made in Hamburg

Hamburg’s rich music scene suits every ear

Immerse yourself in music: Hamburg's music history goes back to the 17th century, and the city’s rich and varied music scene continues to attract international attention. This city of music is home to artists of all genres who compose, perform, and inspire with their work. With four professional orchestras, renowned soloists and ensembles, and with jazz, hip-hop, rock and pop as well as composers, singer-songwriters and electronic music artists, Hamburg offers an unparalleled urban music mix. The city where the Beatles made their breakthrough, where stars such as Udo Lindenberg, Ace Tee and Beginner are at home, arguably offers the most vibrant music scene in Northern Europe. In Hamburg, music is not simply enjoyed, but also created – thanks to various renowned music schools, studios, and labels. Hamburg’s music landscape is shaped by 300 organs to be discovered across the city, just as much as by the Elbphilharmonie, a beacon of Hamburg’s unique music landscape.

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Hamburg's music history Exploring the city’s unique music scene with all your senses

Hamburg’s vibrant music scene is deeply rooted in the history of the city. Institutions such as St Michael's Church, the Hamburg State Opera and the Laeiszhalle bear the splendour of many great composers, and their legacy still reverberates today.

Exploring the city’s unique music scene with all your senses
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Top-class musicians and unforgettable sounds Hamburg’s orchestras & ensembles

Hamburg is not only the gateway to the international music world, but is also setting the bar with the city's orchestras at venues such as the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, Laeiszhalle, and the Hamburg State Opera.

Hamburg’s orchestras & ensembles
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A Milestone in Pop Music The Beatles in Hamburg

In the matter of two years, five young lads from Liverpool transformed into the most famous pop band of the 1960s: the Beatles! It was in the live music clubs of St Pauli that the Beatles developed their distinctive style and laid the foundations for…

The Beatles in Hamburg
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The Udo Lindenberg Experience Panik City

Amazing. To join in. To touch. Panik City is infotainment with music, technology and Udo Lindenberg! Already more than 65,000 visitors enthusiastically report on the unique multimedia experience of the life of the German star! The outstanding success…

Panik City
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Nurturing tomorrow’s talent Music schools in Hamburg

Practice makes perfect: featuring a wide range of training facilities in the areas of music, dance and theatre, Hamburg offers ideal conditions for talented musicians and newcomers from around the world.

Music schools in Hamburg

BOOK NOW Experience the city of music

CITY OF MUSIC Discover the sound of Hamburg

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Music experiences for every taste Music Genres

When the beat reverberates through your body, a beautiful soundscape fills your ears and everything is in harmony – then you know it is live music. Arguably, Hamburg offers the most exciting and most diverse live music scene in Northern Europe.

Music Genres
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Immerse yourself in Hamburg’s soundtrack VYNL Hamburg

Bringing the soundtrack of a city to life through an immersive and interactive multimedia series: this is the declared goal of the makers of VYNL. As part of the first season, VYNL is taking its audience on a journey to 15 of the world's most creative and most musical cities – and Hamburg is being the first city to be explored.

VYNL Hamburg
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Composers Quarter

The Hamburg Composers' Quarter is an association of various museums that offer exciting and interactive insights into the biographies of world-famous composers.

Composers Quarter



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