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VYNL Hamburg

Immerse yourself in Hamburg’s soundtrack – with an international multimedia series

Bringing the soundtrack of a city to life through an immersive and interactive multimedia series: this is the declared goal of the makers of VYNL. As part of the first season, VYNL is taking its audience on a journey to 15 of the world's most creative and most musical cities – and Hamburg is being the first city to be explored. During their stay, the VYNL team got together with celebrities, artists, hit makers and trendsetters from Hamburg, including Das Bo, Chefboss, Rhonda, JOCO, Meute, Alexander Krichel, Ensemble Resonanz, and many more. All of these creative minds presented “their Hamburg”, while letting viewers fully immerse themselves in the unique soundtrack of Hamburg.

Enjoy watching VYNL Hamburg - presented by Music Voyager!

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MUSIC CITY HAMBURG Discover the sound of the Hanseatic city

Dockville Festival
© / Hinrich Carstensen

One city of unlimited music experiences Music in Hamburg

There are a thousand good reasons for embarking on a music-themed trip to Hamburg – from classical and electronic festivals to music history, and from live gigs to club culture, there is plenty to be discovered here.

Music in Hamburg
© M. Sensche

Music experiences for every taste Music Genres

When the beat reverberates through your body, a beautiful soundscape fills your ears and everything is in harmony – then you know it is live music. Arguably, Hamburg offers the most exciting and most diverse live music scene in Northern Europe.

Music Genres
© Felix Broede

Hamburg’s rich music scene suits every ear Music made in Hamburg

Immerse yourself in music: Hamburg's music history goes back to the 17th century, and the city’s rich and varied music scene continues to attract international attention.

Music made in Hamburg



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