Eintritt Internationales Maritimes Museum Hamburg
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Admission to the International Maritime Museum


  • 3000 years of seafaring history
  • Over 40,000 miniature models
  • Queen Mary 2 out of a million Legos
  • Real ship simulator

Discover the world of seafaring: located in Hamburg's oldest surviving warehouse, the Maritime Museum presents 3,000 years of seafaring history with priceless exhibits from around the world. Welcome aboard: wind and waves, explorers and pirates. Over 40,000 miniature models, a treasure chamber with ships made of gold, silver and amber, the Queen Mary 2 built out of a million Lego bricks and a real ship simulator.

Come experience the history of navigation in the oldest, still preserved ware-house of the Port of Hamburg at the heart of the HafenCity. The International Maritime Museum Hamburg takes you on a voyage of discovery through 9 exhibi-tion decks. It displays the worldwide largest private maritime collection of Prof. Peter Tamm. Only here you can admire the “Queen of the Seas”, the Queen Mary 2, build with a million pieces of Lego and including an interactive light and sound installation. You may also enter our Treasure Chamber where we display valua-ble ship models made of gold, silver or amber. 

Be amazed by a big world of little ships: over 40.000 miniature models display the evolution of shipping. A whole deck is dedicated to oceanographic explora-tion. The many scientific institutes belonging to the Konsortium Deutsche Meer-esforschung (KDM) show the result of their researches there. Samples taken from the ocean floors and subaquatic footage made in the depths of the seas allow our visitors to discover our oceans from a new perspective.

Regularly we offer guided tours held by experienced seafarers. This “Captain Guides” are specially popular among our visitors. Another highlight: a state-of-the-art shipping simulator. Under supervision of experienced captains the visitors can pilot an 8000 TEU container ship into the harbour of Hamburg.


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