Medical supplies and special interest groups in Hamburg

Rollstuhlfahrerin in der HafenCity in Hamburg
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Numerous associations, organisations and special interest groups help to make life with limited mobility that much easier in Hamburg. Their services include tips for guests or information on accessibility using interactive city maps. Here are some examples:

Verein Barrierefreies Hamburg (Association for Accessible Hamburg)

The Verein Barrierefreies Hamburg comprehensively covers all retail shops, cultural institutions, authorities, public spaces, including green spaces and the routes to them, or, to put it simply – all of Hamburg! Trained employees check these areas and facilities according to specific accessibility criteria and present their findings as a digital Hamburg guide that is freely accessible online.

It also contains various tips for routes through Hamburg’s city centre and other districts. More information can be found at (In German only)


Hamburger Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft für behinderte Menschen e. V. (Hamburg state working group for people with disabilities)

The Hamburger Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft für behinderte Menschen e. V. is an association of around 70 self-help groups that focuses on improving the interests of people with disabilities or chronic illnesses, and their friends and relatives, in Hamburg. The information it compiles is even useful for tourists.

You can find more information about the working group and its member associations at



Wheelmap is an online map that allows people to search for and pinpoint places that are accessible for wheelchair users. Using a similar system to Wikipedia, anyone can join in and rate public places around the world according to how suitable they are for wheelchair users. Places are categorised using a simple traffic light system and sometimes photos are included. The information on the map helps people with reduced mobility to plan their day more effectively, be more mobile and, in doing so, makes everyday life much easier for the user.

Have a look or join in at


Medical supplies and equipment

Some medical supply stores support people who are visiting Hamburg by delivering supplies and equipment directly to their accommodation. Contact the respective providers to find out more about these services:

reha team Hamburg

Telephone +49 (0) 40 739 383 83

Rent-Service be…living

Telephone +49 (0) 41 014 231 9

Reha-Service Loose

Telephone +49 (0) 40 830 505 1

Mittelpunkt Mensch – Sanitätshaus

Telephone +49 (0) 40  380 899 0

Reha-Technik Morgenroth GmbH

Telephone +49 (0) 40 677 584 0


Nursing bed in the hotel

At some hotels, such as the Scandic Hamburg Emporio and the Stadthaushotel Hamburg, you can book a care bed directly through the hotel. There you will be put in touch with the cooperating medical supply store to arrange everything else in detail.


Holiday dialysis in Hamburg

Dialysis patients are welcome in Hamburg for holiday dialysis in numerous practices throughout the city. You can find information about dialysis practices, for example, at (in German only)

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U-Bahn an den Landungsbrücken
© / Christian Spahrbier

Unrestricted mobility in Hamburg: Mobility in the city without limits

The Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (HVV) transport association makes it possible! We have compiled a separate list of information about mobility in and around Hamburg

Mobility in the city without limits
© Peter Kasprzyk on Unsplash

Destination Hamburg: Accessible shuttle service transport in Hamburg

For anyone who is reluctant to use a bus or train, but who still wishes to be mobile in Hamburg, we recommend one of the many reliable shuttle services on offer in the city. It’s best if you book your journeys before your arrival as the companies usually plan their schedules quite far in advance.

Accessible shuttle service transport in Hamburg
Elbphilharmonie und Cap San Diego
© / Andreas Vallbracht

All roads lead to Hamburg Accessible arrival in Hamburg

Read on to find out how your trip to Hamburg can be as accessible as possible, whether you come by train, by plane, by coach or by car. We have compiled a separate list of all information on the subject of mobility within our wonderful city.

Accessible arrival in Hamburg


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