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Zur stumpfen Ecke

the most rustic pub in Harburg

Since 1913 in the heart of Harburg - since 2022 cooperative: The pub "Zur Stumpfen Ecke" offers a quaint flair, cool drinks, sometimes live music and quiz nights, but always a comfortable place at the bar or on a sofa.

An prehistoric rock in the south of Hamburg

The history of the pub "Zur stumpfen Ecke" can be traced back a long way: Since 1913 (or earlier), within walking distance of Harburg train station people have been chatting, laughing, drinking and celebrating here. And even more than a hundred years later, the quaint bar and comfortable sofas invite you to enjoy a cold beer, a tasty soda or a fresh coffee in a relaxed atmosphere. During the warm months, usually from May to September, and in good weather, the bar also serves beer in the leafy outdoor area. A good option for all those who do not like the climate in the smokers' pub in the long run!

From live music to pub sports

In addition to the restaurant business, the pub also offers a wide range of events. The pub regularly hosts concerts with a wide variety of - mostly regional - performers: From rock and punk to blues and country to singer-songwriter music or even swing. Furthermore, interested people can listen to readings or lectures on an irregular basis. The pub regularly participates in events such as the SuedLese literature days, the SuedKultur MusicNight, the scientific lecture series "Wissen vom Fass" or the Harburg memorial days.

Those for whom just sitting around is not challenging enough can also compete in stone darts or table soccer. Moreover, a doubles card game and soccer enthusiasts meet regularly.

The first cooperative pub in Hamburg

In 2021, regulars were able to save the traditional pub from imminent demise: After the previous tenant announced that she would not renew the existing lease, they founded a cooperative. Since the reopening on the 22nd February in 2022 there are already more than 70 comrades who manage the "Zur stumpfen Ecke" democratically and in solidarity. For them, their pub is not only a pub, but also a social meeting place for people with and without disabilities, people of different ages, different sexual orientations, different ethnicities and religions. It should be a place where racism, fascism, anti-Semitism, sexism and homophobia have no place.

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