Komet Oasis of nightlife in St. Pauli

© Laura Baehr
© Laura Baehr
© Sonja Prahl

If you want to party with the neighborhood not far from the Reeperbahn with good music and honest beer, the Komet is the place to be.

Is it a coincidence that the luminous tail around the nucleus of a comet is also called "coma" by astrophysicists? It doesn't really matter, but it fits. There is hardly any other dive bar in Hamburg where you can drink your way to this very state so comfortably.

Immediately after entering, the guest is enveloped in a dull, robber-cave ambience - all the more surprising is the warm manner in which the bar staff welcomes strangers and newcomers. You take a seat either at the counter or in one of the numerous gloomy corners, the chairs are from the old inventory of the cult cinema "3001". On some days of the week, an additional cellar room is opened.

They serve mainly local bottled beers (Astra and co.) and a fairly good selection of schnapps and vodka. Music comes either from the - according to Komet's own advertising - "best jukebox in town" or from changing DJs, whose repertoire ranges from soul to rockabilly and surf to obscure Italo music.

Events such as basement karaoke or auctions of vinyl records and VHS tapes are held regularly. There is also a pinball machine and a foosball table for a minimum of physical exercise. And on weekends there is dancing.

In the Kometen, it's worth taking a look at the details: for example, in the - rather mangy - toilets we find, among other things, a pit lamp named Guido. On the counter there is not only a large globe for all those who spontaneously want to improve their knowledge of geography, but also a no less gigantic, sinister-looking pickle jar; those who are brave enough to die enjoy the speciality, which tastes of vinegar, onions, pimento seeds, tar and nicotine, at a late hour. The cigarette machine is prepared for a spontaneous reincarnation of Helmut Schmidt; menthol cigarettes are available.

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