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A visit to the GAGA is an unforgettable experience for every guest.

Do you like to embrace the nightlife experience, and do you enjoy the odd party night in a cocktail dress and high heels? Then it is time to check out the Gaga, for this is the place to go for a classy party night. A glass elevator takes guests to the 5th floor. There, one enters a stunning designer location with a terrace that offers a breathtaking panoramic view of everything the Hanseatic City has to offer. While there is no dress code as such, guests seem to have agreed on wearing smart attire – which is perhaps also owing to the 30+ audience. Besides a stylish crowd you can expect recurring themed parties, such as the “WhydontyouGaga” house party on Saturdays and rotating events such as “80s Lovers”, “Soultrain” or “Eat-Dance-Love” on Fridays, where an exquisite three-course menu is followed by further celebration. And on the Gaga website, you can actually apply for a place on the guest list – make sure to give it a go, so next time around you might actually be able to bypass the queue…

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Hamburg CARD

Hamburg CARD

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© Heiko Sehrsam

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Churning out electro parties, indie evenings and great concerts - this is how Prinzenbar has always attracted its guests to Kastanienallee.

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Unterm Strich

“Love Hamburg. Help Hamburg.” is the motto of the world's first donation club, Hamburg “Unterm Strich” - the Hamburg Bottom Line.

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© Hamburg Tourismus GmbH

Highballs. And. Music. Boilerman Bar

Stirred, never shaken. The Boilerman Bar specializes in so-called Highballs. These drinks are made from a base spirit like whisky or gin and a “filler” such as ginger ale, tonic water or similar.

Boilerman Bar

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