Club 20457 Multifarious place in the Hafencity

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Art, literature and music: Club 20457 in Hamburg combines influences and interests from all directions.

n the middle of Hafencity, numerous artists find a stage. Readings and small live concerts are held at regular intervals at Club 20457. Club 20457 unites many facets of Hamburg into a neighborly togetherness and has become a well-known club in the city. The club's own gin is, of course, known and loved far beyond the Hafencity. By the way: The number combination 20457 corresponds to the postal code of Hafencity.

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CITY AREA PORTRAIT HafenCity & Speicherstadt

The world’s largest warehouse complex and UNSESCO World Heritage. On the other side, towards the banks of the Elbe, the modern, ever-growing architecture of the new harbour district HafenCity. Also, you can enjoy the view of the harbour from nearly everywhere.

HafenCity & Speicherstadt

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