Weltladen Osterstraße Fair shopping

Weltladen Osterstraße
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Chocolate, coffee, jewellery and handicrafts from around the globe can be found at this charming little shop in Osterstrasse.

A taste of Asia, Africa and Latin America

How about a dark chocolate cranberry-almond-nougat bar, maniok crisps or mango chutney? Weltladen on Osterstrasse opens the door to another world of exotic tastes and aromas. Selected products from Asia, Africa and Latin America are waiting to be discovered and are sure to take you on a magical journey to distant lands! Best of all, both producers and suppliers benefit from your purchase because all of the goods the store stocks are fair trade.

Actively promoting fair trade from Osterstrasse since 2000

Weltladen has been offering fairly traded products for over twenty years, telling stories about people and producers and fostering encounters along the way. You can find out all about what fair trade really means through their regular events and their blog. And while we are on the subject, did you know that there are vending machines in Hamburg called ‘Fair-o-maten’ that sell fair trade sweet and savoury snacks? Fantastically moreish!

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CITY AREA PORTRAIT Eimsbüttel & Eppendorf

Here, one can find magnificent old building façades, local and exquisite restaurants as well as fancy boutiques and owner-operated shops. While Eppendorf is rather fancy, one can feel the hanseatic serenity in Eimsbüttel. Both districts offer much green and water and are hence with good reason very popular neighbourhoods in Hamburg.

Eimsbüttel & Eppendorf

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Bikers and Babes

At Bikers and Babes in Hamburg's Karoviertel not only motorcycle and vintage fans will find their new favourites, the stylish little shop also offers everyday clothing and accessories for men and women.

Bikers and Babes
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the shopping area with special flair Spitalerstrasse

The Spitalerstraße in Hamburg impresses with a wide range of offers - from the latest fashion trends to doctors to restaurants and cafés, everything can be found here.

Winkel van Sinkel
© Geheimtipp Hamburg

Winkel van Sinkel

"Goede dag en welkom" bei Winkel van Sinkel at Neustadt! As soon as you walk through the door of this charming store, you’ll fall for the Dutch way of life. Mostly that’s because of the diverse and exotic plants that fill the store. They present a very unique image.

Winkel van Sinkel

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