Walther Eisenberg

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Walther Eisenberg is the last Hamburg cap maker to preserve the Hanseatic clothing tradition with tailor-made caps and other pieces.

With old sewing machines, as they were already used in the 20's, the caps are made by Lars Küntzel, who learned the trade from Walther Eisenberg.
Today the Hamburger is the last officially known cap maker and preserves traditional Hanseatic garments such as the Elbsegler, the Reepschläger, the Fleetenkieker or the Wasserlotsen from extinction. From a catalogue of 18 models you can choose one and have it tailored to your head according to old original patterns. Individual customer wishes are also taken into account, for example with regard to shape and colour, lid size and height of the headgear. Lars Küntzel also sells other items of clothing: Ties, suspenders, gloves, scarves and a warm marine jacket called Kolani.

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Hamburg CARD

Hamburg CARD

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Zero Waste as far as possible: at Stückgut you can get organic products from regional suppliers - without using unnecessary packaging.


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