SIUM in Hamburg offers extravagant fashion with unusual cuts for all women who prefer a special look.

A slipped-out detail provides an insight into the layers of clothing below, while slightly shifted symmetries create unusual proportions: The clothes that Regine Steenbock has been selling in her shop on Marktstraße since 2002 are not finalized on the table, but directly on the body.
Against the background of an artistic education, she designs fashion that discards conventions with ruffles, folds, bright colours or diagonal seams, while always being created for everyday use. All models are tested for their suitability for movement and are so well accepted that there has also been a SIUM branch in Berlin-Mitte since 2009. But Regine Steenbock prefers to personally assist in the selection process. "Either dress and customer fit together right away," she says, "or we'll go for another piece immediately.

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Hamburg CARD

Hamburg CARD

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Since 1949, the Isemarkt lures around 6.000 visitors to Eppendorf to do their weekly grocery shopping, or just to stroll along and chat with other visitors under the Hochbahn bridge.

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Why only top-of-the-line when the “B-Lage”, or second-tier, is also great? The permanent pop-up store in the Schanzenviertel is now highly popular even outside of Hamburg’s creative scene.

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Bikers and Babes

At Bikers and Babes in Hamburg's Karoviertel not only motorcycle and vintage fans will find their new favourites, the stylish little shop also offers everyday clothing and accessories for men and women.

Bikers and Babes

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