Schätze ans Licht Roofed browsing

The Indoorflohmarkt ''Schätze ans Licht'' in Hamburg's Goldbekhaus is worth a visit in any weather.

"Bargain hunting indoors" - this motto accompanies the flea market in the Goldbekhaus when it's time to say: Show us your treasures!

Indoor flea market

The indoor flea market in the Goldbekhaus attracts bargain hunters from all over town. But don't worry, whether it's snow, rain, thunderstorms or sunshine - the treasures always come to light at this indoor flea market in the Goldbekhaus. There, in the furthest corner, the most beautiful and also the worst parts often hide themselves.

Become a seller yourself

Anyone who would like to use the opportunity to clear out some old stuff, can rent a booth and bring their own treasures for selling.
The stall fee amounts to 45 € including handling fee. Anyone wanting to sell here, should be fast, because the places are in great demand.

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Hamburg CARD

Hamburg CARD

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