PICKNWEIGHT - Vintage Kilo Store

© Unsplash / Clem Onojeghuo

At PICKNWEIGHT vintage clothing is weighed and sold by the kilo.

PICKNWEIGHT is a real paradise for Second-Hand enthusiasts. Whether sorted by colour, cut or garment, you can browse through 500 sqm of retail space to find what your heart desires. Antique evening dresses line up with vintage sports jerseys and tracksuits, aerobic leggings hang next to wool capes. The clothes are complemented by accessories like sunglasses and jewellery as well as vintage bags and scarves, shawls and even shoes. 

Payment is unconventional: almost all items are weighed and sold by the kilo. The garments are sorted into different price categories, each of which is assigned a price per kilo. You will find scales distributed throughout the store so that there are no surprises waiting for you at the checkout. 

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