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Sustainable home accessories

Sustainable home accessories through "upcycling" - at Lockengelöt, barrels become home bars and records become wall lamps.

No, the Lockengelöt is not a hip hairdresser, even if here old workpieces get a completely new style and look completely different afterwards.

Upcycling or from "old make different, cool, practical, chic, useful, better" could be the motto of the small company with the unusual name. In the middle of the trendy Karoviertel, the small neighbor of the Schanze, you can discover cabinets made of oil barrels, books that have been turned into keyboards or ceiling lamps made of vinyl records. Almost every piece is a handmade unique piece, which leaves a lasting impression as a gift or in your own four walls in both senses of the word. "We want to deal with raw materials in a surprising way, see things differently and create something new that you can enjoy for a long time." say the makers of Lockengelöt in their online store.

With a visit to the store on Marktstraße, it's not uncommon to take a trip back to childhood and suddenly encounter TKKG or Hanni & Nanni as a key board. You discover whimsical titles of records and novels from grandma's closet, which now make customers smile as useful accessories like kitchen roll holders.

"It's weird, look!"

...is probably the exclamation Dennis Schnelting and Carsten Trill hear most often. The two founders are among the fathers of the upcycling movement, because since 2004 they have been breathing new life into the "garbage" of the throwaway society with a lot of passion. With verve, they also transform broken skateboards sent to them by skate stores and halls from all over Germany into egg cups, trivets or a complete jewelry series in their workshop. Needless to say, the guys make the great accessories themselves in Hamburg, often with self-built machines that they run on sustainable energy.

The question remains, how did the funny name Lockengelöt come about?

Was it thought up during the fifth beer in the founder's shared flat or because they wanted to open a hairdressing salon after all? If you Google "Lockengelöt", the search engine suggests the legendary Hamburg comedy troupe Studio Braun: because in a telephone prank by Rocko Schamoni and Co. an indefinable technical part is explained as "Löckengelöt".

A description that does justice to the Hamburg upcycling manufactory, because at first glance riveted together records are for one or the other also a Löckengelöt - to turn out only on closer inspection as a kitchen towel holder.

If you like, the name is then perhaps also a tribute to the creative and artistic Hamburg, where the Beatles celebrated their first successes. Maybe that's why the "Lockengelöter" also organize mini-concerts and readings by local artists in their store at irregular intervals - or because it's just fun.

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