Karstadt ''Mö''

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Karstadt ''Mö'' in Hamburg offers a huge selection of clothing, jewellery and cosmetics for every occasion in addition to the best service.

Karstadt Mö, as the people of Hamburg affectionately call the large detached house in the city centre, offers an enormous variety of products in an attractive setting and with excellent customer service. New international designer brands, the "New Brands", can be found here in a unique variety.

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Hamburg CARD

Hamburg CARD

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Europa Passage

The Europa Passage is Hamburg's most impressive shopping centre with 120 shops spread over five levels.

Europa Passage
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The Mönckebergstraße is probably the most famous and most frequented shopping boulevard in Hamburg.

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Sugary temptation. Bonscheladen

If you have always been eager to learn about the candy making process, then you should definitely visit the Bonscheladen in Ottensen.


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