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Factory Outlets in Hamburg

Cool fashion labels and brands at discounted prices

Anyone interested in great brands at reasonable prices should shop at Hamburg factory outlets.

Numerous outlets offer absolute bargains in and around the Hanseatic city. Major fashion labels such as Tom Tailor, bellybutton, Closed and Runners Point are available as well as many other items - motorcycle accessories, compressors, and even sausages and other meat specialties at the sausage factory outlet. If you want to visit a factory outlet in Hamburg on a trip to the Hanseatic city, the Hamburg CARD is a worthwhile purchase.

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Shopping in Hamburg

Hamburg is a paradise for shopping fans! The city centre is known to be one of the most attractive shopping streets in Germany.

Shopping in Hamburg
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Shopping in Hamburg Shopping Centres & Arcades

Experience Hamburg's wide range of shopping opportunities. Stroll through the shopping centres & arcades of Hamburg and browse through the wide variety of shops.

Shopping Centres & Arcades
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Sustainable Shopping

Tips for green shopping sprees

Sustainable Shopping
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Flea Markets

Flea markets in Hamburg mean a social atmosphere, comfortable strolling from stand to stand and at the same time, definite bargains. All flea market dates in Hamburg can be found here!

Flea Markets
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Second Hand

It doesn't always have to be new. Sometimes the most beautiful treasures are hidden in clothing and accessories with a history.

Second Hand
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Concept Stores for Shopping Fans

No matter whether you want to treat yourself to something or are looking for special gifts: We recommend these great owner-owned and -operated concept stores for browsing and marvelling!

Concept Stores for Shopping Fans

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Get to know Hamburg! Discover Hamburg

All possible top tips, everything about Hamburg's city areas, Hamburg like a local, the greater metropolitan area and much more.

Discover Hamburg
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"Moin" & Welcome Hamburg Ahoi

Welcome to the Hansa City - or as we say, "MOIN!" - Discover our favourite restaurants & cafés and find out about many events and insider tips for your visit to the city on the Elbe.

Hamburg Ahoi
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Everything is possible in Hamburg See & Explore

The city on the Elbe with Germany's most well-known harbour offers its guest city life at its best, with once-in-a-lifetime shopping, cultural and outdoors experiences. Enter the fray, discover gastronomical delights or shop to your heart's content!

See & Explore

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