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Restaurant Neni

Time to make friends

At “Neni” it is important to give the guests a familial and friendly feeling.

Haya Molcho is a passionate hostess, cook, catering entrepreneur, scene hostess, cookbook author, wife of the famous mime Samy Molcho and mother of four. Under her direction NENI became cult at the Vienna Naschmarkt and is now conquering Hamburg! With a culinary mosaic of Persian, Russian, Arab, Moroccan, Turkish, Spanish, German and Austrian influences. NENI fits perfectly with the history of the Old Port Authority, because in Neni the connection between the home of Haya Molchow and wanderlust is visible everywhere and at the same time combines pleasurable experiences.

Culinary art with a love for oriental cuisine

All dishes are a tribute to Haya Molcho's love of cooking and to her family. Behind NENI are the first letters of her sons Nuriel, Elior, Nadiv and Ilan. Haya Molcho leaves no doubt that the family business is a true affair of the heart: "I am us", says the lively entrepreneur and builds a bridge to her own childhood in Tel Aviv. Here she got to know and love cooking and eating as a communal ritual. And so NENI cultivates in a most congenial way the common meal, the sharing of food and the celebration of pleasure.

What is on the menu? "In any case the popular NENI classics," promises General Manager Patrick Moreira. For example, appetizers such as triple hummus with pita bread or babaganoush, a smoked eggplant puree with Har Bracha Tahina. Of course homemade falafel and sabich, a mix of baked eggplants, humus, poached egg and amba. The popular Jerusalem Plate with the main courses should not be missing: Grilled chicken with oriental spices, fresh herbs, humus, onions, Har Bracha Tahina and paprika. These are also joined by special port and fish dishes, because "local products are an important part of our dishes and we complement them à la NENI", explains Moreira and smiles: "Matjes and NENI are great friends! Four times a year there will be a seasonal change of menu, so that the classics will always be enriched anew.

The Neni is hidden behind a classic red brick building in HafenCity. As soon as you enter, you are immersed in a fascinating world of industrial, urban style with a great love of detail. 

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Short & Sweet

  • CategoryRestaurant
  • Type of cuisineAsian
  • Price€€€
  • Ambienceindustrial chich, cosy
  • ServiceWide selection of dishes and drinks

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